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Welcome to Lake Ridge Club's World Wide Web presence. The purpose of this web site  is to enhance the experience of living at the Lake Ridge Club. We've provided a number of resources to help you resolve problems and suggest improvements to our club. The site was first on-line in December 2000 and since that time has hosted thousands of resident requests.  This new site has been updated and hopefully made easier to use.     

The buttons located to the left are used to help you navigate through this web site.  For example, residents may click on the "Residents" button to learn about board meetings, calendar of events, document archives and the inner workings of the community.  The FAQ button has answers to frequently asked questions.

 Residents check (below) in the message of the day window for important updates... Also Residents may access the passworded only section to see current information about Lake Ridge Club. The new Village of Burr Ridge map and showing pathway and other intersting points of interest in the village is posted in the document section and also can be accessed via the maps button.

Should you need to report a problem, or require assistance,  please call, write or e-mail the property manager.

If you wish to contribute any material to the web site please don't hesitate to e-mail the webmaster with this information.


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