Registration for the Lake Ridge Club Homeowners Association website is available to and owner or resident of the Lake Ridge Club sub-division in Burr Ridge, IL.

When creating a new profile:

-  Each member of your household can and SHOULD have his/her own profile.  Many households have members that are on different committees, or have different ideas of what information they want to receive from Lake Ridge Club.  By each household member having a separate profile, we can contact you appropriately, and list you on the proper committees.

-  You can create or change your own User ID.  The User ID is case sensitive, and may only letters and numbers - no punctuation marks or special characters (i.e. no email addresses).  Most commonly people will use a version of first/last name, such as johnsmith, jsmith, johns, etc.

-  Create your own password.  It must be at least 5 characters long, and again, only letters and/or numbers.

-  You must enter your house number in the Lake Ridge Unit Number field. We use this to identify Owners who  currently reside at an address other than in LRC. 

- We strongly encourage you to check the email options box "I want to receive email notifications from the website and webmaster".  By checking ONLY this box will you be able to receive special email messages from the LRC sent to all members about relevant community issues and this website, and notifications of news stories, calendar events, and new or updated documents.  After registering, you will be able to log in and modify your profile settings to enable or disable specific types of notification that you want or do not want to receive.

-  Have a nice photo of yourself?  Upload it to the directory by clicking on Photo:  Choose File toward the bottom of the page.

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